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Vier Jahreszeiten


Landestheater Linz / March 2012



Katrín Hall


Stephan Mannteufel


Antonio Vivaldi



“Katrin Hall worked with the Linz Ballet Company for the first time and challenged the excellently trained ensemble with her clear cut, cool and sometimes rough style – matching the Nordic conditions.”

“The centre piece of her choreography is the life-memories of the individual and the community- from childhood up to old age. The multiple periods of life with the strong feelings and emotions associated with them are shown by the dancers expressively and with full commitment of the body.”

“Hall lets her choreography swing along to the lovely baroque music of Vivaldi and then sets exalted contrasts against it.”

“The audience responded with rapturous and ongoing applause for these exceptional performances!”

“Hall resists the seduction of illustrating the haunting melodies. She gives the dancers, who are acrobatically trained by Ulrich smooth movements full of verve, but also wild jumps and lifts within coherent scenes that run against the music by Vivaldi.” 18.3.2012


“The Icelander Katrin Hall starts with a memorable shadow-image. This visual language continues, when e.g. the Ensemble emerges out of a white wall and intervenes with the pas de deux, the powerful Ziga Jereb and the always elegant mover Ana Sterbova are dancing. In abstract and powerful movements, she surveys emotions like closeness / alienation, unfaithfulness / jealousy, separation / loneliness and the interplay between an individual and the The community. Herein Hall pleasantly copes without explicit descriptions of sexuality and violence.”

-Oberösterreichische Nachrichten 5.3.2012


“Not nature but life with it’s memories is the centre-point of this new interpretation. Choreographer Hall once allows going along with the music and then claims to break it by absolutely modern movements and dynamics – which is all in favour for Vivaldi. The dancers exceedingly succeed in their approach to strong feelings. Driven by existential melancholy they never become romantic for a second.”

-Neue Kronenzeitung 5.3. 2012




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