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Katrín Hall started at young age her career as a dancer with Iceland Dance Company. She took part in most of the company´s productions from 1981-1988. During her time with the company she was frequently casted in key roles and worked with various choreographers, both Icelandic as well as international. She also took part in musicals, opera and theatre productions. Katrín then moved to Germany and worked as a solo dancer at Tanzforum in Cologne under the artistic direction of Jochen Ulrich. Jochen created numerous pieces where Katrin was the one of the primary dancers. Katrín worked with various other choreographers during her time with Tanzforum such as Louis Falco, Jennifer Mueller and Richard Wherlock. She also toured internationally with the company.

Katrin was the Artistic Director of Iceland Dance Company from 1996 – 2012. Under her direction the company worked with many of Europe’s leading international choreographers and toured throughout Europe, USA, Canada and China. She also put emphasis on nurturing and supporting Icelandic choreographers. Katrín created a strong image for the Iceland Dance Company and positioned it as a world class contemporary dance company. Integration of the arts and cooperation with artist from other fields has been at the forefront in the company’s creations and projects over the last years, in particular collaboration with Icelandic composers and musicians. Under her Alongside her career as an Artistic Director Katrín has also been a prolific choreographer. She has created a number of works for the Iceland Dance Company as well as other international dance companies such as at Landestheater Linz, Grazer Opera, Landestheater Innsbruck, Stadttheater Darmstadt.

Katrín has been nominated for several awards for her creations. As well as creating and choreographing her own work, Katrin has worked for different theatre, musical and TV productions. She has collaborated with the well known and respected Icelandic theatre group “Vesturport “and choreographed various events and art happenings. She collaborated with the famous theatre Director Oskaras Korzunovas on the production “ The Tempest” for the City Theatre in Iceland in 2011.

Katrin created the dance movie Burst in cooperation with film director Reynir Lyngdal. The movie, a part of the Moving North project, has been screened all over the world and received awards. Katrin choreographed a music video for the single “Did it again” by the pop star Shakira which has received international attention. Katrín has also worked as a choreographer for the UK version of the popular tv show “So you think you can dance” produced by the BBC. She was a member of the production team and the head of the jury for a dance show “Dance Dance Dance” produced and created in Iceland and broadcasted on the National television. It was one of the most popular tv shows in Iceland in the last two years. Katrín also works as a teacher – both as a guest teacher for various international dance companies as well as being a regular teacher at the Arts Academy in Iceland. She has been on the jury for various choreographic and dance competitions through the years.

Katrín was awarded the “Order of the Falcon” by the President of Iceland in 2000 for her contribution and work for the dance community in Iceland.





My favorite was the duet by the Icelandic choreographer Katrín Hall about the stabile brother Tuomas danced by Fanny Barrouquere and Tobi Fitzgibbon. 21.06 2014

One of the most overwhelming scenes I've ever seen in theatre.

-Kult-Tour-Braunschweig. 11.05.2014

With aPart Katrín Hall has succeeded to create a total work of art... An inspiring evening of great density, in which the company finds beautiful harmony.

-Braunschweiger Zeitung 10.03 2014

The applause is thunderous for this stringent, strong-imaged and in combination of its components totally coherent dance-evening -absolutely rightly so.

-Neue Braunschweiger. 12.03 2014

Katrin Hall's choreography is the high point of the evening... nothing in this two and a half hour long evening reaches up to this fierce prelude.

-Staatstheater Darmstadt Pressespiegel 8.5.2006

A more poetic picture for the preciousness of one moment and the consciousness of time was hardly ever seen before... with “Instant Smile” Hall came up with her own idea of time – and created pictures of unusual beauty; such beauty that makes one feel like wanting to press the rewind button.

-Main Echo 10.5.2006

Katrin Hall worked with the Linz Ballet Company for the first time and challenged the excellently trained ensemble with her clear cut, cool and sometimes rough style – matching the Nordic conditions... The audience responds with rapturous and ongoing applause for these exceptional performances!

-www.tanz-at/kritiken 18.3.2012

energy-explosion by Katrin Hall

-Kleine Zeitung

In abstract and powerful movements, she surveys emotions like closeness / alienation, unfaithfulness / jealousy, separation / loneliness and the interplay between an individual and the community. Herein Hall pleasantly copes without explicit descriptions of sexuality and violence.

-Neues Volksblatt 5.3. 2012

The choreography of the Icelander impressed with fast changes between breathtakingly fast scenes and quiet moments.

-Main Echo 10.5.2006

The successful piece “Instant Smile” captures you immediately.

-Frankfurter Neue Presse Online 10.5.2006



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